Custom Google Search API

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If you want to get results of Google search results programmatically with the API, follow this tutorial.

Create Search Engine

Go to

and create an engine. If you want a general search engine, leave the part where it asks you for a link empty. After it’s created, take the cx number. We’ll need it later.

Create Key/Get Custom Search API Key

This portion can be done in Google Cloud Console. If you don’t have a GCloud Project, you can create one here.

There are 2 ways of doing it: the fast way which just works, and the slower way which is “doing it properly”.

Fast Way

Go to

Scroll down to API Key

Click Get a Key

Remember your API Key, we’ll use it later.

Slow Way

You can enable Custom Search API Key here.

Then go to Credentials

Click on CREATE CREDENTIALS, then API key.

Remember your API key, we’ll use it later.

Querying API

With the cx number and API key, we have everything we need to query Google API.

The query is of the form[API KEY]&cx=[CX NUMBER]&q=[QUERY]

For all query parameters, please see




Senior Machine Learning Engineer — Snaptravel

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Joey S

Joey S

Senior Machine Learning Engineer — Snaptravel

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